It comes down to the confidence Desco has in its products, the trust we have in them, and the fact that they are a personable company. I know no matter how much their company grows, when I call with a question or concern, I’ll get the attention I need.

Kathy Kuffel , Business Manager, Dr. Kevin J. Kuffel , DDS SC


When introduced to Desco, I met the trainer we would be working with on day one. I liked that she had worked in a dental office – clearly the competitor had not. Plus, she (the trainer) can train anyone, from someone highly skilled to those with zero computer knowledge.

Dr. Therese A. Pickart , DDS SC


98 % of other providers do not have a truly integrated business package like Desco Dental offers. Other systems require you to purchase a separate business program, which can result in a large margin of error. Desco’s integration almost totally removes that margin of error and makes the rest of the systems work so much better.

Maria Bierlein , Office Coordinator Frankenmuth Family Dental


The transition from the DOS version of Desco to Windows was very smooth. All data was transferred going back to 1991. Clare's training was superb as usual (she was very patient with us). I investigated competitor’s products but realized that I made a great decision to stay with Desco. It came down to "why switch horses when you're already winning the race?" 

Dr. Christopher Blake, D.D.S.


Village Dental Group has been using the DESCO program since 1997. In December 2004, we converted our computer system to Windows. Dave, Clare, Marge and Tim made the transition so smooth. They helped us through every step of the way. They are the best. We are very satisfied with the support they provide.

Judy, office manager at Village Dental


You can't beat DESCO's phone support and their competitive pricing. They really listen to their client's needs with requests for program updates.

Dr. William E. Shaw, D.D.S.


We are very pleased with the DESCO Dental system because staff training is very thorough and readily available, the scheduler meets all our needs, all types of reports are generated easily, service is only a phone call away. You get to talk to a real person and all our questions have been resolved over the phone. DESCO staff has handled all our installations and upgrades with a time line we put in place and we have never had any down time. These are just a few reasons why other sales people will never get us to change to another office computer system.

Phyllis Karr CDA, Office Manager at Smith and Olsen Dental, LLC


We have been extremely pleased with DESCO Dental System software, training and support for almost ten years. Conversion to the newer Windows system was made with ease, and it integrates very well with our digital radiography.

Dr. Kevin King


I have used DESCO software since 1990. The new Windows program is easy to learn. Since Windows was installed, we have had very few problems. We still have the basic program and eventually want to go to full charting. Tech support has always been good. The financial program is superior to any I have ever seen and you can do your taxes with ease.

Dr. Scott Lewis, D.D.S.


DESCO provided one of the smoothest system conversions from our previous practice management system that I have experienced. Unique, clinic specific software modifications allowing us to streamline activities were handled promptly and professionally. System is kept up to date with customer recommendations. It is a very versatile package and allows excellent integration with Microsoft Office products. DESCO has superb training and technical support. I recommend DESCO with confidence.

Jim Vojtko – Business / Technology Manager, Cudahy Dental Associates, SC


DESCO Dental System has provided our office with outstanding service since 1992. They have always given us quality training and service in a friendly manner and their software is easily customized to fit the needs of our practice. Their promptness in handling any questions or problems we encounter is truly what sets them apart from other companies.

Marilyn, Office Manager for Dr's Wilsens and Casey


We have been with DESCO since the inception of their dental software. It has always been user friendly and has completely met our needs. When we decided to update to the new Windows system, it was an easy transition. Once again, we are extremely happy and love all the new time saving features.

Dr. William Stathas


Just a quick note to say thank you for doing it again. 15 years ago we started with DESCO's original software. We were so impressed that, when the new Windows version came out, we had to upgrade. The transition was so smooth. DESCO's ever present commitment to quality and service showed through once again. Please thank all of your excellent support people. Tim, Clare and Marge are so easy to work with and are so knowledgeable they make the transition enjoyable. Keep up the good job!!!!

Dr. Edward T. Bekx D.D.S.


DESCO is great! Entire staff always helpful! I couldn't be happier! What a joy! &


Dr. Therese Pickart, D.D.S.


This is the second opportunity that I have had to convert a group practice to the DESCO system. The software and the team are the reason I recommended DESCO. Not only is the software meeting our needs but DESCO's ability to customize it for us when we needed it and not on an annual upgrade basis is invaluable. Our conversion was flawless, AR to the penny, all the demographics and schedules. Clare's patience and communication skills in training our team along with her follow up and follow through during the process was and continues to be awesome. – Thank you Dave, Clare, Marge and Tim!

Lynn M. Moore, Administrator – Cudahy Dental Associates, SC


Webster Dental has used DESCO's computer program for 15 years. It is a great company to work with. Satisfying the individual needs of each office is a priority to DESCO. The support staff is pleasant, knowledgeable and responds to calls in a timely manner.

Sandy Nimmer, Office Manager – Webster Dental Associates


The DESCO software has been well thought out. As I use it each day, I can tell the designer has “traveled the road” which we use all the time. Dave has made it easy to use. Well designed systems are like that. The Windows based system has been extremely stable. There has been no down time in the almost 2 years of use. I would recommend this DESCO/Windows system to any dentist out there. Service, Ease of use, and a great, Local staff that stands behind the product hourly! You can't ask for more.

Mary Kay – Hajinian Dental Group


I have been very happy with our relationship with DESCO over the past eight years. Although they are a small company, they have been very responsive to our needs. Dave Ellis has been a pleasure to deal with.

Art Novick, D.D.S.


We have been working with DESCO for over ten years. Their service has been dependable and reliable the entire time. If we ever have a problem, Owner David Ellis has gone out of his way to make sure the answers are there for us. Our day-to-day work depends on computers that function and are trustworthy. With DESCO, we can take our workload with confidence. I thank their entire staff every day for the service they provide.

Jane Phillips, Office Manager – Complete Family Dentistry


DESCO's strength is their responsiveness and it's the reason we've stayed with them for more than 10 years. You'll never hear, “please wait for the next available customer service representative.” We call and we get immediate answers or immediate on-site service. In addition, throughout the year, they modify and improve their software based on customer requests. We also purchase our hardware through DESCO and have been extremely satisfied with the performance and networking capabilities they have provided to us.

Lora Keller, Vice-President – DeWan Dental Wellness


The DESCO Dental System is easy to learn, easy to use, and works extremely well for our dental office. It is good to know that the technical support is always just a phone call away.

Bert Baumgartner, D.D.S.


DESCO was our software vendor of choice in 1992 for two reasons: the system was very user friendly and it was locally owned. Our staff had little background with computers, DESCO has a superior training program. After a 13 year relationship, DESCO continues to be our vendor of choice. The only change – they continually get better.

Cheryl Maas, Office Manager – Sussex Dental Center


DESCO Dental System has provided our practice with professional and friendly service for over 10 years. Their outstanding technical support answers all questions or problems promptly and professionally. Their software is user friendly and versatile; with system updates to keep current. Last year, we updated our office to digital radiography and found DESCO's software integrated the new hardware very well. DESCO has our highest recommendation.

Robert Schweitzer, D.D.S.


We have been using DESCO software since 1994. The training and support have been first rate and the system has performed flawlessly. Our recent upgrade to the Windows software was seamless. We'd recommend that anyone considering a new computer system, contact DESCO.

Connie and Char, Dr. Steve Segall Office


I have been a very satisfied DESCO Dental Systems user for over ten years. I knew the day would come when I would have to upgrade and convert to the Windows version, but I was not looking forward to this change. I was happy and content, but knew the change was inevitable.

I was building a new office and adding new technologies and thought this would be a good time to make the change. Before I decided to continue with the DESCO system, I did some comparison shopping of other systems. I solicited proposals from DESCO and other vendors and had these proposals evaluated by a third party. After all of the analysis, it was clear that the DESCO proposal was the best value.

The installation of our new hardware and converting our data to the Windows version went extremely well, we couldn't be happier. I also don't think anyone can beat your customer service. Keep up the good work.

N. Gene Pittman DDS


Our office has been with DESCO since the early 90's and we have never considered another system. DESCO's system is extremely user friendly and has been an integral part of our practice management systems. Most important to us has been the incredible service provided to us in all areas of support. Training, hardware and software support and responsiveness to the personalization of the product to our needs has always been a hallmark of the high quality of service that the DESCO staff provides to all of their clients. We always recommend DESCO to other offices looking to upgrade their computer systems.

Kathy Stamatelakys and Dr. Constantine Stamatelakys


I wanted to take a moment to thank not only you but all the members of the DESCO team for your help in the recent conversion from our UNIX system to the Windows system.

If I remember right, it was 1992 when we first signed up with DESCO to manage our business system. To say I was a little nervous when we took the plunge with your company would be an understatement. I do recall one of your main competitors was trying to convince me you wouldn't be around for the long haul. Guess you've got the last laugh on that prediction.

The measure of a company's character is not how they do when things go right, but rather what they do if things aren't going along smoothly. All I can say is that DESCO's response in any times of minor crisis has been second to none. Anybody who believes that there won't be any issues that arise once a system is installed is fooling themselves. You were our third system that we encountered since 1978…thus I knew that service would remain paramount in the enjoyment of whatever new system we purchased. To say I'm pleased over these years is hardly enough.

All of us at Burleigh Dental wish you and everyone at DESCO many more fruitful years in continuing to do what you do best...MAKING OUR LIVES EASIER!

Michael Donohoo, DDS


Having had a few different computer systems in our office since 1979 has taught us one thing…proper service is critical. I can't imagine another company would be able to give us the response time that DESCO has achieved since we started with you in 1992. Now with the ability for your support team to remotely solve most problems has made this aspect even easier. Thank you for the enjoyment we experienced over the last 13 years with our DESCO system and I look forward to many more with your team. Thanks Dave!

Michael Donohoo, DDS


We cannot believe that it was in 1990 that we started our relationship with DESCO. It was one of the best business decisions we have made. We utilize all aspects of your systems and could not be happier. Your personal attention and the ability to maintain our business systems already in place are the main reasons we chose your company and 15 years later, we are still receiving that with top notch quality promptness and professionalism. You and your team are a vital part of our dental business. You do not know how much that means to us who deal with dental health and the not complexity of the computer world! Without any reservation, we would highly recommend DESCO over any other dental software system out there.

Tina, Financial Coord., Andrea, Appointment Coord., Dr. Roger Stanek & Ginger Stanek, Business Asst.


We were on the DESCO dental system for several years and changed to recommended dental software which we found to be inferior to DESCO. We switched back after five months and have found that DESCO Windows can do much more for our clinic than the other dental software. We are really enjoying the Windows version, and updates are as timely and helpful as ever. DESCO has always been very accommodating in customizing the software where we need special handling. And, they have excellent staff with quality service.

Dr. Donald Pfahler, Dr. Lori Veerman, Mary Reinsmoen, Administrator,
and the staff at Madison Family Dental Associates, Madison, WI



We have been with Desco for over 14 years. The support we received then and continue to receive now remains unchanged. There is a comfort level that goes beyond just business. The staff at Desco REALLY care. They continually show us their appreciation by providing us with top notch dental programming and support. We interact with many Dental Offices and are proud saying we have the DESCO Dental System. By comparison, they have problems, we don't. The Desco system is extremely user friendly. When you have the best, you have peace of mind! Thank you Desco.

Eileen, Office Manager for Drs. Schaeffer, Goral and Whalen


DESCO has made our office conversion to Windows smooth and easy. Their staff is great to work with and very knowledgeable in training and technical support. Their system is easy to work with and learn in all phases. Thanks DESCO for all your great help.

Dr. William R. Renner, D.D.S., Deb, Amy and Pam


We want to thank you for your prompt and professional attention to all of our business software computer needs. Your incredible conversion of all of our data from a competitor's software in 1997 immediately convinced us that were in the hands of a knowledgably and ethical organization.

In June 2004, we converted from the original DESCO on the DOS operating system to Windows XT and again experienced a seamless conversion. Now all our computer applications work together and we can access them all from any workstation and remotely.

As new technology develops, I know you are tailoring the DESCO software to keep pace. You are like a great assistant… reliable, prompt and one step ahead.

Francesca J. Martin, DDS


DESCO has continued to provide us with excellent service since 1993. Our most recent upgrade to the Windows Version was an extremely smooth transition. We are very happy with the new system and enjoy the ease in which it provides to our day to day activity.

DeDe, Office Manager of the Killian Dental Clinic


The DESCO Dental System has been an integral part of our office since 1992. DESCO's high standard of support and training is also apparent in the new Windows System software. The new system is efficient and easy to use, with many new features. The transition was smooth; as I was sure it would be, having worked with the DESCO team for many years.

Laurel J. Nobbe, Office Manager, Vernon A. Larsen D.D.S., S.C.

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