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“Before we met with Desco Dental Systems about our data conversion, we had been get-ting ‘sales 101’ from another vendor,” recalls Jim Vojtko, administrator at Cudahy Dental Associates. It seems the original solutions provider talked about its strong support and initially said the conversion would not be a problem. When it was time to talk about the actual inputting of the data, however, the company suggested that Jim hire other people to input it.” Jim had gone through a number of conversions in the past and knew that entering data was a nightmare.

When Desco agreed to do the entire conversion, Jim explains, “They ran some tests and converted everything over that we needed – and we came out to the penny on the aging report. Desco provided one of the smoothest data conversions that I have ever experienced.” Similarly, Frankenmuth Family Dental Office Coordinator Maria Bierlein refers to her data conversion experience with Desco as “perfect” and “seamless”. “Within a week of going live, our practice went from a hard copy appointment book to a computerized one,” she says.

“Desco ran some tests and converted everything over that we needed. They provided one of the smoothest data conversions that I have ever experienced.”

Jim Vojtko, Administrator, Cudahy Dental Associates, SC

Maria’s distance challenge

On the overall conversion, Maria continues, “With Desco, we didn’t take any steps backward, plus they exceeded many of our dreams and expectations.” Though in the beginning, Maria did hesitate briefly about the partnership because her two offices are Michigan-based and Desco is in Wisconsin. “It took one conversation with Desco – and just learning about their level of technology – to decide to move forward with them.”

In fact, Desco suggested that it would be more economical for Frankenmuth to receive hardware and hardware support in Michigan. The practice agreed and then everyone worked together as a team. “Desco put the specs together, communicated exactly what we needed, and it was here and ready to go,” says Maria. “Whether the work is done over the phone, through email, or online – very few in-person visits were needed – when you need Desco they are there for you,” she concludes.

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