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After more than 30 years of working in the industry, Ginger Stanek, business assistant at Dr. Roger G. Stanek’s Office, knows a thing or two about how to run the business side of a dental practice. When it was time to computerize, Ginger did her homework and talked with six different vendors. Then she took it one step further – she gave each a list of expectations that had to be met, and on her terms. “Desco Dental Systems was the only solutions provider that could do it all for us,” Ginger recalls.

 “We were running at a high level of competence with very specific business practices in place and wanted to enhance them with a computer system,” she affirms. “I knew I was going to choose a vendor that was going to work with me – and was adamant about not changing the way I do things to work with their systems.”

“I knew I was going to choose a vendor that was going to work with me. Desco Dental Systems was the only solutions provider that could do it all for us.”

Ginger Stanek, Business Assistant
The Office of Dr. Roger G. Stanek, DDS

Ginger’s money management challenge

 “There are numbers that dentists simply need to know to run a successful practice,” Ginger says, on the importance of the trend indicator report Desco developed to analyze the direction of the practice. The staff punches in and out, Ginger does payroll through the program, and the system tracks everything. “I know how much I’m spending on the breakdown of staff benefits and on all types of supplies month-to-month. Ultimately Desco’s system helps me manage our money to the point that we are running on an even keel the entire year.”

On the relationship between service and value, Ginger offers a comparison: “Dr. Stanek is a top-notch practitioner who doesn’t cut corners. You may be able to get services cheaper, but what’s the product? Are you seeing the same dentist that knows you and how to care for you? When there’s a problem, who’s going to be there for you? The same is true for practice management software providers. You’re getting better service and a better value at Desco – hands down.”

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