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About Us

Software Solutions 

DESCO Dental Systems designs, creates, installs and supports integrated computer software solutions exclusively for dental practices. Our Windows based software handles the practice management and clinical activities of large multi-location group clinics as well as the single doctor practice. Customers benefit from our single source solutions by avoiding questions of responsibility that often occur when multiple vendors are involved. Emphasis is placed on providing a high degree of personalized attention. DESCO also provides customized services that other vendors merely talk about. Complete data conversions and unique software features are illustrative of the added benefits that DESCO delivers.


Our Team

Dave Ellis

Dave Ellis, CEO / Director of Software Development

After receiving his Masters in Applied Mathematics and Physics at the University of Wisconsin in 1975, Dave left the P.H.D. program in Physics to pursue computer programming as an independent. Since starting DESCO Dental Systems in 1987, Dave has applied his thirty years of real world experience to the development of a company that serves the specific needs of dental practices. His continued dedication toward understanding those needs is the driving force used to shape the direction of the company. The high praise of DESCO’s customers is evidence that this direction is sound.

Dave Ellis

Tim Wletschak, Network Administrator / Systems Analyst

Tim joined DESCO in 2000 and brought with him an insatiable appetite to learn almost anything related to Microsoft technologies. His self-taught approach has given him a solid working knowledge of the latest Microsoft operating systems, network architecture, security, internet issues and computer hardware. Tim has consistently demonstrated a superior ability to analyze and resolve previously un-encountered problems. He is able to “think outside the box”, when a situation demands an unorthodox approach. When technical difficulties occur, Tim is dedicated to minimizing down time often working beyond normal business hours in order to restore the customer to normal operation.

Dave Beranis, Help Desk Supportor / Technical Assistant

Dave B, as he is now called by customers, joined DESCO in 2019. He came with a background of supporting customers with computer related problems in the dental field. At DESCO, he has quickly learned the unique understanding of the products which we sell and support. This involves both the hardware and software aspects of the dental computer systems and how they interact with each other. He also possesses a wide ranging skill set to handle the day to day challenges that other 3rd party software’s offer. Everyday, there is something new to learn in the technical area. Dave has proven that he is up to the challenge. When a visit to the customer’s office is needed, he is ready to bring an up-beat attitude and smile with him.


Why choose us

Desco Dental Systems has many happy customers because the Desco system makes their lives easier.

Desco is confident in its products and only Desco will will prove it will deliver before you buy.

Desco allows clients to avoid the tedious effort typically associated with meeting insurance requirements

Desco provides data conversion and training services.

Better Service and a Better Value

High Tech Solutions

Insurance Process Automation

Data Conversion

Personal Training

Customized Financial Solutions


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What's the Desco Difference?

With an intimate understanding of the challenges today’s dental practices face, Desco Dental Systems provides truly integrated computer software solutions.
Our approach to service is simple, yet rare in the industry.
We listen to your needs and then design, install, and support solutions that work for you – with your system, on time, and within budget.