System Design

Our hardware solutions go beyond computer boxes and monitor mounts.

Other areas that are considered in our overall system design include:

Global Policy

  • Settings Setting permissions on server which affect each workstation
  • Domain and active directory controlled*

Ability to Connect Remotely

  • Work from home and log into server for DESCO & Microsoft software

Virus Help

  • Diagnosing and Removal

Custom Security Options*

  • Specific files can be accessed by certain users

Internal Email Setups

  • Web (Intranet) or Outlook access to internal mail

Backup Alerts and Reports

  • Email is sent when backup is successful or failed with a log

Secured Microsoft Word Documents

  • Ability to prevent others from using or having access to certain documents

Choice of Workstation or User Log-On

  • When workstation log-on, settings stay the same per workstation
  • When user log-on, email, My Documents, u:\drive, and desktop settings follow user (roaming profiles)

Use of Microsoft SQL Database

  • Unparalleled data integrity and security
  • Use of special data access methods for the highest performance
  • Built-in functionality for processing emails
  • Used in true Client/Server applications

Optional Remote Backup