Better Service and Better Value

Which software provider will prove it will deliver before you buy?

Talk to Desco Dental – We’ll listen – and then get to work on your dream solutions

Ginger, Jim, and Maria are just a few clients that know firsthand about Desco Dental Systems’ “proof of concept” approach. Jim Vojtko at Cudahy Dental Associates explains, “When we ask about a new feature, Desco listens first. Then they analyze and explain exactly what needs to be done and how, followed by a cost estimate. There’s no charge until Desco proves the value – and actually begins – the work.”
“People don’t realize what a gem Desco is,” adds Maria Bierlein, of Frankenmuth Family Dental. “When we first met, Desco’s size was a slight reservation. But Dave Ellis said, ‘We’re here to serve you and provide you with the one-on-one service that is so important to us and our customers.’” Concludes Maria, “He asked us to give Desco a try, to let them prove what they can do – and they did!”

“Dr. Stanek is a top-notch practitioner who doesn’t cut corners. The same is true when comparing practice management software providers. You’ll get better service and a better value at Desco hands down.”

Ginger Stanek, Business Assistant
The Office of Roger G. Stanek, DDS

Ginger Stanek of Dr. Stanek’s office adds, “At Desco, you get extraordinary special attention. Other practices have software providers with an 800 number and wait for days only to hear that their request may or may not be answered in ‘the next update.’” She continues, “You get to know Desco associates quite well. When you call for support, the quick response time is impressive and you know who you are talking to because the associate has been there for you since day one.”

What's the Desco Difference?

With an intimate understanding of the challenges today’s dental practices face, Desco Dental Systems provides truly integrated computer software solutions.
Our approach to service is simple, yet rare in the industry.
We listen to your needs and then design, install, and support solutions that work for you – with your system, on time, and within budget.

More Case Studies

Better Service and Better Value

Only Desco Dental Services will will prove it will deliver before you buy. Read more about how we did just that.

High-Tech Solutions

It comes down to the confidence Desco has in its products, the trust we have in them, and the fact that they are a personable company. I know no matter how much they grow, I’ll get the attention I need.

Insurance Process Automation

Desco allows us to avoid the tedious effort typically associated with meeting various insurance requirements.

Data Conversion

With Desco, we didn’t take any steps backward, plus they exceeded many of our dreams and expectations.

Customized Financial Solutions

Desco Dental Systems was the only solutions provider that could do it all for us.

Personal Training

With Desco, I met the trainer we would be working with on day one. I liked that she had worked in a dental office...